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A total of 75 window (30km x 30km) and 59 transect (2km x15km) samples were selected. All samples are related to one or more Natura 2000 sites:

• windows are centred on a Natura 2000 site and may contain other Natura 2000 sites,

• transects are orientated to start from inside a Natura 2000 site and end in a intensively used area. Most transects are located within a window.


Focus Natura 200 sites Stratification:
Biogeographical Regions Map of Europe (BRME)

Focusing on 4 Annex-I habitats wich are found in main biogeographical regions: (i) Freshwater habitats, (ii) Natural and semi-natural grass land formations, (iii) Raised bogs and mires and fens and (iv) Forests.

75 windows: 30x30 km (black)
59 transects: 2x15 km (red)

Distribution of window area with respect to biogeographic regions as defined by the Geographic Regions Map of Europe