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BIOPRESS is one of the thematic projects which are being carried out within the framework of the initial phase of the Global Monitoring for the Environment and Security (GMES) programme. The GMES initiative aims at achieving this 'European capacity for Global Monitoring for the Environment and Security' by 2008

BIOPRESS will help realize this ambitious goal, by providing decision makers with quantitative information on how changing land cover/use has affected the environment and biodiversity in Europe.

BIOPRESS is a 3 year- project that started in January 2003. The project is currently producing historical (1950 - 2000) land cover change information in and around Natura2000 sites that will be converted into information on pressures on biodiversity.

The product is aimed at the EU-user community concerned with the impact of land cover/use changes on the environment and biodiversity. Our main stakeholder is the European Environment Agency and its topic centres (ETC-NPB and ETC-TE). Other users are DG Environment, the GMES project LADAMER, National conservation agencies and Regional and local authorities responsible for Natura2000 sites.

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