The Land Cover Map of Catalonia

About the MCSC

The Land Cover Map of Catalonia (MCSC) is a high-resolution thematic cartography of the main types of land cover (forests, crops, urbanized areas, etc.). The MCSC is held at the Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF), with funding from the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The MCSC is part of the Cartography available on the internet of the Generalitat de Catalunya and is, therefore, free to use.

The MCSC is presented in digital format. The different surfaces are made by photointerpretation and digitization on a computer screen, using the GIS MiraMon .


Cartography navigator

Map navigator that includes the 4 editions of MCSC , as well as the five-year series (1987 to 2017) of Map of Covers and Uses of Land of Catalonia developed fear the Department of Geography of the UAB. It also contains other information of interest such as the layers of the "Biophysical Variables" and Orthophotos (both the current one and the historical series) at 1: 25,000, 1: 5,000 and 1: 2,500 of ICGC scales.

Browser developed with MiraMon technology. Browser updated on 10-15-2020.