The Master in Remote Sensing and GIS consists of a total of 7 modules, which cover the 60 ECTS. From these 7 modules, 4 of them are formed by core subjects (M1, M2, M3, M4, a total of 36 credits), and M5 and M6 modules allow students to choose between two blocks of 9 credits to delve into aspects of GIS or Remote Sensing. Finally, the student will perform a mandatory Final Project of 15 ECTS (M7).

The contents of each module are detailed below

M1: Geographic Information Science: Remote Sensing and GIS
- Fundamentals of GIS
- Composition and printing of cartographic documents
- Photogrammetry
- Principles of cartography
- Synoptic view of Remote Sensing
- Platforms and sensors
- Geodesy and Positioning Systems

M2: Remote Sensig image processing
- Geometric correction of aerial and satellite images
- Physical principles
- Radiometric correction of images

M3: Spatial Analysis
- Analysis in GIS
- Digital Terrain Models
- Interferometry

M4: Mètodes d'obtenció d'informació geogràfica
- Statistical methods
- Photointerpretation

M5: Advanced training in GIS
- Relational databases. SQL
- Case studies in GIS implementations
- Standards for distributed geoservices
- Publishing cartography on the Internet

M6: Advanced training in Remote Sensing
- RS & Meteorology. Techniques and examples
- RS & Oceanography. Techniques and examples
- RS & Geology. Techniques and examples
- RS & Vegetation and land use. Techniques and examples

M7: Final Project


Implementation dates:
27/09/2017 - 01/06/2018

Friday: 15-19h

95 €/credit (This includes Master taxes and student insurance) + Admission Cost (30.21€)

Contact master.td.sig@uab.cat