All classes of the Official Master in Remote Sensing and GIS are attended, lessons take place in a CREAF classroom equipped with computers and the fastest Internet connection via the Scientific Ring. The classroom is also equipped with specialized software which is most commonly used in the academic and professional world (MiraMon, Envi, ArcGIS, Definiens (eCognition), etc).

Most of the bibliography for the Master is in English. According to the rules of the UAB, faculty members may use either Catalan or Spanish in class; naturally the students can express themselves oral or writing in emails, documents, etc, in the language that they prefer (typically Catalan, Spanish or English). Past experience has shown that students with a Romance language (Spanish, Italian, etc) background are able to follow explanations in Catalan in less than one month. The UAB offers free Catalan courses. Contact to the International Welcome Point for more details:

International Welcome Point (IWP)
Campus de Bellaterra-Plaça Cívica
TEL. +34 93 581 22 10
FAX: +34 93 581 25 95
Schedule: from 9,30 to 19 h.
Wednesday from 9,30 to 15 h
(July and August from 9,30 to 15 h).
E-mail: international.welcome.point@uab.cat

Students receive a personal UAB e-mail address, a UAB card which gives the holder access to the University’s libraries and map banks as well as significant discounts at the University Language Centre (SIM), the Sports Centre (SAF), etc. For further information, please contact the International Welcome Point.

The enrolment fee includes a full license for MiraMon so that it can be installed on a personal computer.


Implementation dates:
27/09/2017 - 01/06/2018

Friday: 15-19h

95 €/credit (This includes Master taxes and student insurance) + Admission Cost (30.21€)

Contact master.td.sig@uab.cat

The teaching