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After 23 years of constant evolution and improvements, MiraMon wants to take a step forward and become an international leader. To achieve this, the team and its creator, Xavier Pons, have decided that MiraMon is free since this September 2017 for the educational community around the world: educational centers, related entities and students.

This step places MiraMon among the pioneers of free-use remote-sensing software and adds the tool to the list of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that opt for free use.

MiraMon has traditionally been widely used in various instances of the Catalan Administration and of other Spanish and worlwide regions, as well as in multiple Universities, research centers, high schools and in outstanding masters and postgraduates of GIS and Remote Sensing. With the aim of continuing to promote its use in the educational segment, MiraMon is now free for students and educational centers, or entities affiliated with educational centers, from all over the world. This measure represents an important step in the will of MiraMon to become a widely used GIS in teaching and in training and educational activities at all levels and represents a distinctive element in the world of remote sensing software.

"We have made this commitment with the intention of extending its number of users, not only in Spain, but throughout Europe and the world”, comments Xavier Pons, Professor of Geography at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and CREAF researcher, creator of MiraMon.


"With this decision our pioneering remote sensing softwares position from a full GIS integration continues through gratuity and we add to other GIS that already offer their programs at no cost”, concludes.

MiraMon is now free for the educational sector

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