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News and Notes
  • November 2014
    ConnectinGEO at the GEO-XI Plenary
    Members of ConnectinGEO are attending the Eleventh Plenary Session of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO-XI) in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting is serving as the frame for the initial dissemination activities of the project and allows for the presentation of its objectives and purposes.

  • Jun 2014
    New feature: Open recent and all format files
    Have you ever wished to easily access all the files you have been working recently? Have you ever desired to open whatever file format without going through heavy import processes?
    We gladly present you the new "Open recent layer" and "Open layer in any format" dialog boxes.

    New versions of MiraMon produced this spring come with a double button in most MSA file pickers. All the MSA not having them still will be progressively adapted.
    Additionally, the resulting layer will be opened in your MiraMon session after the MSA finishing its work.

  • May 2014
    New section: Open standards in MiraMon
    We have created a new section detailing all the open standards supported by MiraMon and our developers and researchers work in that field. You can access the section through this link or from the “Topics” menu.

  • January 2014
    GeoViQua at the GEO-X Plenary
    Members of GeoViQua have attended the Tenth Plenary Session of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO-X) and the GEO Week Side Events in Geneva, Switzerland. The meeting has served as the frame for the final activities of the project and has allowed for the dissemination of the final results and achievements.
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  • November 2013
    Great success of a free MiraMon Professional license promotion during the World GIS Day celebration.
    714 people from 22 countries downloaded the software!

    Countries requesting licenses during World GIS Day

  • November 2013
    To celebrate with everybody the World GIS Day, this November, 8th the MiraMon team will give you a free license of the MiraMon Professional GIS.
    Make your order during this Friday only and you will receive an email with the instructions to download and install the software.

  • August 2013
    PhD scholarship: Spatiotemporal land cover and climate dynamics through Remote Sensing and GIS
    The Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems Research Group (GRUMETS), mainly located at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona campus, welcomes one pre-doctoral candidate interested in applying for a 4-year PhD scholarship in "Spatiotemporal land cover and climate dynamics through Remote Sensing and GIS"
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  • July 2013
    MiraMon OGC maps servers and browsers course
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  • June 2013
    MiraMon Standard Course.
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  • April - June 2013
    Geographical Information System (GIS) MiraMon Course.
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  • May 2013
    MiraMon Analysis Course.
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  • April 2013
    MiraMon Standard Course.
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  • Abril 2013
    Participation in the European Geosciences Union General Assembly EGU 2013 . Members of MiraMon team and of GRUMETS participate in the EGU from the 7 to 12 of April 2013 in Vienna, Austria, with presentations and posters. Joan Masó Pau starts his presidency of the section Earth and Space Science Informatics ( ESSI ) of the EGU in this year 2013 and for a period of two years .
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  • February 2013
    Participation in the organization of the Conference on OGC standards for the next generation Based Services on Location (LBS) at the ICC. On Wednesday, February 27 will be held at the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia (ICC) Conference on OGC standards for the next generation of location-based services (LBS).
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  • September 2012
    Participation in the XV Congreso Nacional Tecnologías de la Información Geográfica. The XV Congreso Nacional Tecnologías de la Información Geográfica will be held in Madrid during 20 and 21 of September. This year the symposium has the theme "Las Tecnologías de la Información Geográfica en el contexto del Cambio Global". Like every year, members of MiraMon and Grumets play an active role in the event.
    More information: Spanish

  • September 2012
    Participation in the EUGISES 2012 Symposium. Members of MiraMon team and of GRUMETS participate in the EUGISES 2012 Symposium from the 6th to 9th of September 2012 in Leuven, Belgium, with two papers.
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  • July 2012
    Exhibitors in IGARSS 2012. Members of the MiraMon team are going to participate in the IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium - IGARSS2012 on July 2012, Munich, Germany. MiraMon, GeoViQua-FP7 and EGIDA-FP7 will have a shared stand.
    More information

  • July 2012
    New sheets of the 1:5000 Topographic base in MiraMon format. Now available 179 new sheets of the 1:5000 topographic base in ED50 and ETRS89 reference systems in MMZ format. They can be download from the ICC map viewer (http://www.icc.cat/vissir3/)

  • May 2012
    The ICC offers from today the BT5M in MiraMon format. Now available in the ICC server the topographic base 1:5000 in MMZ format, both ED50 and ETRS89.

  • May 2012
    MiraMon and GeoViQua are actively involved in the OGC OWS9. From 14th to 16th of May 2012 takes place in Fairfax (Virginia) the Kickoff meeting of OGC OWS9, where CREAF participates as an analyst and developer through MiraMon, and as sponsor through GeoViQua.

  • April 2012
    Pre-registration is now open for the 14th Remote Sensing and GIS Master at CREAF. The Master has a scientific and technical orientation and focuses on the acquisition of an in-depth knowledge of the content of the course and establishing a sound base from which the student can continue his or her studies. This makes it ideal for carrying out research in these fields as well as developing applications in which it is necessary to have a professional who is able to tackle these issues with every guarantee of success.
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  • March 2012
    The Topographic Map 1:25000 of Catalonia developed by ICC, available in MiraMon format
    The cartography is available in both oficial datum of Catalonia: ED50 and ETRS89. It can be downloaded from ICC web service.
    Acces to data

  • February 2012
    SatCat, the most complete Catalonia satellite image server
    On Friday 17th the already completed SatCat server was presented. This initiative, pioneer in Spain, provides access to a historical bank of images from Catalonia taken by Landsat satellites between 1972 and today. The information collected on the server is public and will help to improve further research and study of changes in this country. All image processing, the server and the Internet browser have been developed with MiraMon.
    More information

  • February 2012
    Postdoctoral position - RS&GIS – 2012-2014
    The Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems research group of the Geography Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona welcomes one post-doctoral candidate interested in applying for a “Beatriu de Pinós” Program Postdoctoral Contract. This program belongs to the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government).
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  • February 2012
    2012 MiraMon courses published
    30% discount for old students
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  • November 2011
    MiraMon at the JIDEE 2011 conference. MiraMon team will take part in the present edition of the Iberian Conference of Spatial Data Infrastructures JIDEE 2011, that will take place in Barcelona during the 9th, 10th and 11th of November.
    More information: Castellano

  • October 2011
    Members of MiraMon team will participate in the organization of the meeting for the creation of GEOSS-Spain that it is going to be held in the EuroGEOSS 2012 Conference, Madrid (25-27th January). GEOSS-Spain is an EGIDA project initiative, for the creation of national initiatives related to GEOSS.
    More information

  • October 2011
    MiraMon has now a user forum!
    The new Internet MiraMon User Forum (FUM) is presented this month. In the forum you can read if someone has already asked a question similar to what you have now in hand, read to simply learn from the experience of others or ask others how to do this or that thing. It is multilanguage in Catalan, Spanish and English.
    More information

  • September 2011
    Participation in the XIV Congreso de la Asociación Española de Teledetección. Members of the MiraMon team are going to participate in the XIV Congreso de la Asociación Española de Teledetecció next week in Mieres (Astúrias, Spain), with several oral presentations, posters and a pre-congress course.
    More information: Spanish

  • May 2011
    New Municipal Bases 1:50000 and 1:1000000 in the Favorite Map Collections
    You can already find in the Favorite Map Collections of MiraMon the new Municipal Bases 1:50000 and 1:1000000 from the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia (ICC) with the limit of the new municipality of La Canonja. This limit is not still the official, to the wait of its final passing, but it's the one ICC is distributing at present. The new bases substitute the previous ones in the collections.

  • March 2011
    New version of Universal MiraMon Map Reader. The new version of the Reader makes possible to free open, look up and print most common SIG formats, without any type of restriction (included no requirement of a certificate of authorship and integrity). Use it as a viewer of raster layers (like JPEG, TIF, IMG, JPEG2000, MrSID, ECW, etc), vector layers (SHP, DXF, DGN, GPX, GML, ARC, POL, PNT, etc), classic MMZ files or modern WMS and WMTS services. The Reader is free for everybody.
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  • March 2011
    MiraMon at the International Geomatics Week and at the GlobalGeo Fair 2011. Some members of MiraMon participate in the forthcoming International Geomatics Week, to be held in Barcelona between 15 and 17 March 2011, in addition to participate with a stand at the parallel fair GlobalGeo and with two talks at the Interoperability Day.
    More information

  • March 2011
    MiraMon distributes the Digital Elevation Model of 30 meters from the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia in their collection of favorite maps of version 7. The model is complemented outside Catalonia with the Global Digital Elevation Model of Aster.

  • February 2011
    Implementation of the 2D similarity transformation (identified by codes 100800400 and 800100400) of the Cartographic Institute of Catalonia for the transformation between datums ED50 and ETRS89 to projected UTM-coordinates 31N. This new transformation is more accurate and it has been implemented to replace the one in the 7.0e version of MiraMon, which essentially was treating as equivalent the ETRS89 and WGS84. This assimilation is sufficiently accurate for maps of smaller detail than 1:5000 but the current exceeds it in accuracy in maps up to 1:1000 or in certain areas that have higher resolution.
    More information: Catalan

  • May 2010
    The standard Web Map Tile Service (WMTS), edited by J Masó, K Pomakis and N Julià and clearly driven from CREAF has finally been published on the OGC website (after their approval earlier this year). It's been a long work which began in 2007, and from which we learned many things.
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  • July 2009
    Excellence Research Award to a GRUMETS's work. The Governing Council of the UAB has awarded the work "Monthly precipitation mapping of the Iberian Peninsula using spatial interpolation tools implemented in a Geographic Information System ", signed by Miquel Ninyerola, Xavier Pons and Joan Ma Roure, and published in the journal Theoretical and Applied Climatology 89, 195-209 (2007).
    More information: Catalan

  • July 2009
    The Generalitat awards GRUMETS the recognition of Quality Research Group with funding. The Department for Innovation, Universities and Business from the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the Agency for the Management of University and Research Funding, has decided to fund the Research Group for Methods and Aplications in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GRUMETS), with one of the grants to support the activities of the research teams for year 2009 (SGR-DGR).
    More information: Catalan

  • 6th June, 2007
    Dr. Xavier Pons, representing the Grup de Mètodes i Aplicacions en Teledetecció i Sistemes d’Informació Geogràfica (Grumets) of the Geography department got the award for the best research project, development and innovation in water management. The event took place on Tuesday 5th of June at 18:30h at the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. On this event, 18 awards and 5 mentions were given to different initiatives of research, development, care and improvement of the water quality or the reduction and waste recycling.
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  • April 2006
    Free MiraMon for the public and educational sectors in Catalonia.
    On March 29, 2006, action following the agreement between Department of Universities, Research and Information Society of the Catalan government (DURSI) and CREAF was started. It allows the public and educational sectors in Catalonia to use the MiraMon software at no cost.

    DURSI, in accordance to its declared support to the knowledge society, research and scientific and technical development, provides funding for the development of the complete version of MiraMon for four years. CREAF acknowledges the value of this agreement since it will guarantee the continuation of an important part of the MiraMon development team and a very important boost to the dissemination of the program.

  • November 2005
    The first climatic digital atlas of the iberian Peninsula has been released by the UAB
    Researcher of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) presented the first climatic digital atlas of the iberian peninsula, a free query tool on Internet (http://opengis.uab.es/wms/iberia/index.htm) with MiraMon server and browser technology
    Read more: Catalan, Spanish

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