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Highly cited scientist in ecology/environment, plant and animal sciences, agricultural sciences, geosciences and in all science fields of the ISI essential science indicators. (h index: h index: 112 GS, i10 index: 544 and more than 58.700 citations GS)

His recent subjects of study are: global ecology, global change, climate change, atmospheric pollution, biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds emissions, remote sensing, plant ecophysiology, and functioning and structure of terrestrial plants and ecosystems, chemical ecology, ecometabolomics, macroecology, biogeochemistry, environmental sustainability, food security.



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He is an ecologist working on global ecology, plant ecophysiology, remote sensing, and atmosphere-biosphere interactions.

Some of the most outstanding results of his research are the following ones: discovery of ecophysiological mechanisms linked to the carbon and oxygen use that help to explain species distribution; the development of increasingly used remote sensing techniques to assess plant and ecosystem functioning; the report of current evidences of global change, climate change, and air pollution interactions with structure and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems; the study of the biochemistry, function and effects of the emissions of the Volatile Organic Compounds by plants and ecosystems, the introduction of metabolomics in field ecology, as well as the development of policies for environmental protection, food security and sustainable development.

Professor J. Peñuelas has published 6 books on ecology, more than 1.000 papers in scientific journals and books (more than 600 in journals of the Science Citation Index; 54 in Nature journals, 3 in Science, 8 in PNAS, 16 in Trends in Plant Science, 6 in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 1 eLife, as well as in highest profile scientific journals in Ecology and Environmental Sciences: 44 in Global Change Biology, 17 in Global Ecology and Biogeography, 5 in Ecology Letters; Remote sensing: 14 in Remote Sensing of Environment; and Plant Biology: 31 in New Phytologist), 300 in other journals and chapters of books, and more than 270 articles on popular science in Catalan and Spanish newspapers (La Vanguardia, Avui, El País, El Temps...). It is also outstanding his labour popularizing science issues at international and national scale.

He has participated in more than 40 internatinal projects. He has been principal investigator or scientific coordinator of several European Union, Spanish and Catalan projects financed by public research agencies and by private funding. Among them he has been awarded with ERC-Synergy 2014-2019 grant.  He has supervised 41 PhD, 46 masters, and 47 post-docs.

He is currently member of the editorial board of Ecology Letters, Global Change Biology, Global Ecology and Biogeography, Trends in Plant Science, New Phytologist, Remote Sensing of the Environment, Atmospheric Pollution Research, e-Forestry, Journal of Plant Ecology, Journal of Botany and Plant Ecology and Diversity, Trees and Sensors. He collaborates in the reviewing of articles in many scientific journals, some of them of great prestige such as, Science, Nature, Nature Geoscience, Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (USA), Trends in Ecology and Evolution, among many others. He also evaluates scientific projects for several international and national programmes. He is member of several academies and international and national scientific associations. Member of the panel of the European Research Council (ERC) Assessment for Advanced grants.

Prof. Peñuelas was Titular Professor of Ecology in the University of Barcelona until 1990 and is involved on seminars and postgraduate courses in many of the main national and international Universities. He has been visiting professor or visiting scientist in Los Angeles, Washington, Duke, Lancaster, Avignon, Paris, Saint Andrews, México, Tokyo, Sheffield, Boulder, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Vancouver, Boulder, Hawaii, Mexico, Danah Latu, Canberra, Beijing, ASU Phoenix, NAU Flagstaff, Berkeley, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge.

He has received several awards-prizes both national and international (Omnium cultural 1975, Omnium cultural 1976, Comte de Barcelona 1990, NASA 1993, Japan Ministry of Science 1998, Premi Medi Ambient Institut d'Estudis Catalans-Caixa Sabadell 2008, National Research Prize of Catalonia 2010, ERC-Synergy 2014, silver badge of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans 2014, Premio Rey Jaime I 2015, adoptive song of Figueres 2016, Ramon margalef Prize in Ecology 2016, Doctor Honoris Causa by the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu, Estònia 2016; Chair of the panel of judges for the Nature’s awards for scientific mentoring 2016; Chinese Academy of Sciences Distinguished Scientist 2018; Special mention at the Premis Ciutat de Barcelona in the class of Earth and environmental sciences 2017, Marsh Award for Climate Change Research Prize for the British Ecological Society 2018,…). He was the president of Institució Catalana d'Història Natural and adviser of CADS (Consell Asessor per al Desenvolupament Sostenible), Generalitat of Catalonia.



Recent or highlighted publications.

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